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Samsung sells 1 million Galaxy Z1 units, gold edition planned

After six months on sale in India, Samsung has managed to surpass one million Galaxy Z1 sales. It is the first smartphone to feature Samsung’s homemade Tizen OS, which was previously delayed for over two years.

To celebrate the milestone, Samsung has announced a gold edition of the Galaxy Z1 will be available in the coming months. It did not give an exact date, but the edition should hopefully be out before the summer’s end.

Samsung originally started development of the Tizen OS platform for insurance, in case the Google partnership on Android failed. The heightened tensions in 2013, due to Samsung’s massive market share advantage, lead Google to start promoting other brands.

Even with the small milestone, this is by no means a huge victory against iOS or Android. It is decent for a first generation device, but Samsung’s Android devices surpass the Tizen OS in sales by 150 to 1.

The sales might push Samsung to release a new Tizen device into more markets. It has a planned event in Shenzhen, China, where it will host its first developer conference. Another summit in Bangladesh is also planned later this year, to promote Tizen’s platform to developers.

India is a strong market to start gaining market share, considering the huge 1.3 billion population and growing consumer interest for smartphones. Samsung made a huge plunge with the £60 price tag for the Galaxy Z1, and it appears to have paid off.