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Sony announces PlayStation Network maintenance for tomorrow morning

Sony has announced that its PlayStation Network service will be down for some routine maintenance early tomorrow morning.

Of late, PSN has seen some glitchy behaviour and sluggish performance in terms of downloads, so hopefully some of the tweaks being implemented will help to smooth things over in general.

The maintenance should last for about an hour and a half, of course assuming that no gremlins get into the works while the patching up is taking place.

It's unlikely to affect you whatsoever anyway, given the timing of this maintenance – it begins at 5:30 a.m. BST, running through to 7 a.m. BST.

At any rate, Sony says you'll still be able to sign into your PSN profile, play your games, and use "most applications" during the maintenance period. However, you won't be able to get into account management, or PlayStation Video, and you won't be able to buy anything from the PlayStation Store either.

Sony noted: “We strive to ensure that PlayStation Network services are available at all times, but occasionally we must take PlayStation Network offline to perform essential maintenance and implement feature enhancements. We are working hard to reduce the duration of each maintenance.”

Fingers crossed, then, that future maintenance work may shave the time down further…