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5 ways sustainability can boost your business

Have you ever given a thought to the green credentials of your IT equipment? Now is the time to start, if you hadn’t already. There is a growing trend amongst companies who are now considering the green credentials of new IT equipment prior to purchase, and for a good reason.

Devices built with the environment in mind are reducing the environmental and social impacts of electronics, as well as fuelling the drive towards ever more energy efficient products. A welcome knock on effect of using energy efficient devices is that inevitably, monthly business expenses will go down, saving you money.

In addition to reducing energy costs, consumers are increasingly becoming concerned over environmental issues and choosing brands and companies that have a big green credentials, and a small carbon footprint. In a recent survey it was found that companies have reported that green products contribute 38 per cent to their annual revenues, and are looking to increase that figure during 2015 to 55 per cent.

As consumers and clients become increasingly critical of businesses attitude to sustainability, the issue will no doubt grow and becomes a larger talking point and will influence business practises in the future.

To find out how your business can make greener decisions download the infographic below.

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