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Microsoft launches new Surface Pro 3 model, now 6 in total

While we await news of the Surface Pro 4, Microsoft has revealed another model to the Surface Pro 3 lineup. The latest addition is a Core i7 model, bringing the total number of Surface Pro 3s featuring this version of Intel's processor to three.

In all there are now six Surface Pro 3 models to choose from, and the new Core i7 model makes it cheaper to jump into the higher end of the range at a lower cost. While the new model features the same processor and same 8GB of RAM as the very top of the Surface Pro 3 range, storage has been dropped to 128GB to help keep the price down.

Priced at $1,299, the 128GB/Intel Core i7 1.7GHz/8GB RAM Surface Pro 3 costs the same as the most expensive Core i5 version. There are now three very distinct bands to the Surface Pro three range. For those looking for a cheap entry point, the 64GB Core i3 and 128GB Core i5 at $799 and $999 respectively are a good starting point.

Anyone looking for a Core i7 model previously had to part with more than $1,500 for the 256GB/8GB RAM model $1,549) or the 512GB/8GB model ($1,949). Nestling smack in the middle of the two extremes, are the two $1,299 systems.

So for mid-range buyers, there is a simple question to answer - do you want a Core i5 with more storage, or would you prefer the benefit of a Core i7 chip instead?

Head over to the Microsoft Store if you fancy placing an order.