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One hour deliveries now available to Amazon Prime customers in London

Shopping giant Amazon has been steadily rolling out one hour Prime delivery in cities across the United States, and today that speedy delivery arrives in the United Kingdom, starting in the capital.

London is a prime place for Amazon to test Prime’s one hour delivery, considering the vast scale of the city and various obstacles like congestion. If it can make Prime’s delivery service work in London, it should work across the UK.

The fulfillment centre will be based in East London. Amazon already has over 10,000 products stored in the centre, with plenty more coming in the next few months.

To use the one hour delivery service, UK customers need to use the Amazon Now app. It is a separate store showing all of the available items, and Prime owners will need to fork out an additional £6.99 per delivery.

For those patient enough to wait another hour, Amazon will deliver the products for free. Of course, all users need to be Prime subscribers to get any of these delivery options, and need to live in certain areas of London.

Amazon Now seems to be an early proof-of-concept for Amazon Prime Air, the commercial drone project Amazon is currently testing in America, Canada and the UK.

Delivering things on road is hard, but through the air it should be much easier. This will no doubt lower the rates for one hour delivery, if the UK and other countries approve of the commercial drones next year.