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OnePlus 2 fingerprint sensor will outdo the iPhone 6

As you've doubtless seen, the sequel to the popular OnePlus One will be revealed at the end of next month, but prior to that information about the handset is slowly being leaked out – or indeed published by the company in the case of this latest snippet concerning the fingerprint sensor.

In a blog post, OnePlus boasted that the upcoming smartphone will have one of the most advanced fingerprint sensors on the market, in an "Apple eat your heart out" kind of way.

The company noted that early fingerprint sensors weren't very accurate and were sometimes more of a hindrance than a convenience, and that it had taken its time to get the system just right.

OnePlus claims that the sensor on its new phone will be "lightning quick", and makes a direct comparison to Touch ID on the iPhone, saying its sensor is faster.

With the OnePlus 2, all you'll need is a quick tap to get to your home screen – though we'll have to wait for reviewers to confirm this, naturally. The sensor will also have the ability to store up to 5 fingerprint profiles.

It all sounds good, but of course one unavoidable thing with the addition of fingerprint hardware is that it will up the cost of the OnePlus 2 – particularly if it's a sophisticated sensor we are talking about.

How well that will fit with the OnePlus philosophy of quality hardware at a budget price, we shall see…