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Steam Machines and accessories out of stock, according to Valve

Earlier today, Valve announced pre-order sales for the Steam Machines has finished, and both the Steam Link and Steam Controller have also ran out of stock.

Hardware manufacturers Alienware, ASUS and Gigabyte are all contributing hardware to the Steam Machines, with an intended launch on November 10th. Anyone planning to order a Steam Machine needs to wait until launch.

The Steam Link and Controller will be manufactured in-house by Valve, meaning there was always a possibility the company would run out of stock. After one week of sales, Valve revealed 35 per cent of the pre-order stock had been sold.

Being able to stream PC games from a computer to a TV is something that appeals to a large demographic of gamers, especially those that enjoy using wireless controllers. The Steam Controller is another interesting piece of hardware, with biometric controls and a new type of trigger that is compatible with all Steam games.

Early customers will receive Steam Machines earlier than the release date, around October. Valve has not confirmed if this early deal is available for Steam Link or Controller customers.

Valve plans to launch the HTC Vive VR by the end of the year as well, which is Valve’s first attempt in the virtual reality market. HTC will provide the hardware, while Steam will provide the software platform and storefront for customers.

It is a big year for Valve in the hardware business, which is probably why once again they remain silent on new games. For now, the company seems content with DoTA 2 updates and maintaining the CS: GO esports community.