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Whitepaper: The Price of Procrastination

It’s the middle of the afternoon, and you get an email of the latest viral video that’s doing the rounds in the office. There’s no harm taking five minutes watching it right? Wrong.

It may just be five minutes, but the minutes add up and a new report has calculated that at an average of $22/ hour (£13.98/ hour) business can lose $110 (£70) a week, which when scaled up is $5,280 (£3355) a year, per employee.

Time wasting and distractions in our day in age have hit an all-time high, with digital distractions being the main culprits. Whether it be that YouTube video, internet shopping or social media, there are a multitude of distracting channels you can take whilst at work.

This is nothing new in the work place, distractions have always been sought out by workers, but it is with the blossoming of the digital age that procrastination has become even more prominent. So now is the time to make every second count in the office.

Although new technology has given us so many more distractions, it has also brought us just as many opportunities to be efficient and productive. HP are working on one very clever way to boost efficiency in the office with the release of their new range of efficient and environmentally friendly printers.

To find out more about how distractions in the work place have changed over the last few decades and to find what time saving accolades HP’s new LaserJet printer holds, download out the infographic below.

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