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Apple planning to upgrade iPhone 6S minimal storage to 32GB

One of the most confusion decisions from Apple in 2014 was upgrading the iPhone 6 storage to 128GB, while keeping the lowest end model at 16GB. Thankfully, this year we might see 32GB become the standard low-end option.

In a new report from The Korea Times, unnamed sources said Apple was planning to make 32GB the minimum. This move should make iPhone 5S customers looking to upgrade very happy, since it is double the current storage.

The growth in size of apps and music, alongside Apple’s refusal to allow users to remove preinstalled apps, has made iOS a rather hefty operating system. Already, the pre-installed iOS 8.1.4 takes up over a quarter of all storage on the 16GB model.

Apple did announce plans to lower the size of iOS 9, making the update half the size of iOS 8. There is also new optimisation techniques on iOS 9 for developers to make smaller applications.

Apple’s head of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller also commented on the 16GB model, claiming that due to the advancements in cloud storage and services as a platform, users didn’t need as much internal storage.

The problem with that argument is users are incapable of storing apps in the cloud. That said, services like Apple Music and Google Photos do remove the need for local photo and music storage.

Apple might be planning to make the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus 32GB minimum, but rumours of the iPhone 6C might mean the 16GB model still survives in some capacity.

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