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Businesses are still running major cloud risks

Skyhigh Networks has revealed some interesting new stats on business usage of the cloud, including the rate of adoption, security issues, and the fact that enterprise cloud usage continues past the working week and into the weekend.

The Cloud Adoption and Risk Report for the second quarter of this year found that 14 per cent of cloud traffic from enterprises occurred at the weekend. It also found that the average European enterprise uses 897 cloud services, up just over 60 per cent year-on-year.

The survey – which was based on real-world data drawn from over 2.5 million European staff members, working across more than 12,000 cloud services – also revealed that in terms of security, only 15 per cent of those services offer multifactor authentication.

Furthermore, only a shade over 9 per cent of organisations encrypt data which is stored at rest, and less than 3 per cent have ISO 27001 certification.

The most concerning security-related statistic, however, is the fact that 72 per cent of enterprises have exposure to compromised credentials.

Nigel Hawthorn, European spokesperson for Skyhigh Networks, commented: “European business use of cloud is at an all-time high. Companies are adding a new cloud service to their network each day and it won’t be long until the average organisation is using well over 1,000 distinct services.

“While cloud services offer clear agility gains for the enterprise, the situation is by no means perfect. Too few cloud services are suited to enterprise use. The vast majority fall at the first hurdle: failure to adopt the right IT security features or adhere to the EU Data Protection regulations.”