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First images of the next iPhone have leaked

We're just a couple of months away from Apple's next smartphone, and now a couple of images have surfaced.

As reported on 9to5Mac, the device's looks will be identical to the iPhone 6 model, but it will be somewhat different on the inside. There's still no official confirmation if this will be an iPhone S6 or an iPhone 7, but there are some clues we can look at.

For hardware, the device will be the same, and this can be one of the clues. The iPhone 3G and 3GS had the same design, as did the 4 and 4s, and 5 and 5s. The upcoming phone will have a piece of aluminium with rear camera and Apple logo, bottom-mounted speaker holes, Lightning port and headphone jack. Width, height and length remain unchanged from last year's model.


On the inside, the device differs. First of all, it's rumoured it will get the Force Touch technology, which enables the device to differentiate between a tap and a firm press. This technology, already present in the latest MacBook and the Apple Watch, gives developers a new toy to play with.

The device will also be faster, with the introduction of the new A9 processor. It is expected to be running the iOS 9 straight out of the box. The iOS is expected to be released in autumn.

9to5Mac says its source is "proven" and is "familiar with Apple's supply chain," and has also provided detailed information about the handset's internals, which we assume will be published at a later date.