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Mark Zuckerberg answers questions from Stephen Hawking and the Terminator

Mark Zuckerberg hosted another one of his Q&A sessions yesterday, and some famous folks turned up with some interesting queries.

The Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, asked about Zuckerberg's exercise regime, noting that he must be "one of the busiest guys on the planet" in terms of finding time to keep fit.

Zuckerberg replied that he works out three times a week as a minimum, and goes running with his dog – he observes that you have more energy when you're fit, and that doing anything well requires energy.

Arnie also cheekily asked: "Will the machines win?" To which Zuckerberg replied no, the machines don't win…

Stephen Hawking also pitched in with a query, asking the Facebook CEO what big questions in science would he like to know the answer to.

Zuckerberg replied that he was most interested in "questions about people", primarily health related such as how to cure diseases, live forever, and how the brain works – and furthermore how learning works, and how humans could have their learning processes augmented.

It's also worth noting that Arianna Huffington, of Huffington Post fame, asked a question about digital publishing and how news stories will be presented online in the future.

Zuckerberg replied that we are currently seeing more content including videos, and this will continue in the future, also with more "immersive content like VR".

He also observed that there will likely be an "important place" for news organisations which focus on delivering smaller bits of news as fast as possible, with what he calls a trend towards speed/frequency.

Darren Allan

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