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Microsoft announces cheaper Surface 3 Pro with 128GB of storage

Microsoft is adding another option to the Surface Pro 3, offering the same Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, but only 128GB of solid-state drive storage.

In the UK, this option will most likely cost £899 or £999, considering the $1,299 price tag in the US. Microsoft likes to add a decent chunk on for importing costs.

This is the same price as the Intel Core i5 processor option with 256GB of SSD. Microsoft clearly wants to make every option available to customers.

Microsoft has been selling the Surface Pro 3 for over a year now, but this new update shows it is not finished with the hybrid computer just yet. Rumours suggest the Surface Pro 4 will arrive later in the year, possibly the same time as the iPad Pro.

This puts the total number of Surface Pro 3 options to six, even though we would like to see Microsoft completely democratise the amount of storage and performance to the user, instead of giving a set number of options.

This would allow customers that only want 64GB of SSD but a powerful system to buy it without the current restrictions, perhaps Microsoft will add that on the Surface Pro 4.

Microsoft is also planning the launch of Windows 10 this month, which will arrive on the Surface Pro 3 for free. All Windows 8 and 8.1 customers will be able to upgrade at any time, but Windows 7 customers will only have a year to upgrade.

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