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Two companies living the life of growth

Digital Shadows and Growth Intelligence, both Level39 and High Growth Space members, started off in humble beginnings – small teams, small spaces but big ideas.

Now their rapid growth is taking the world of sales and cyber security to the next level.

Both companies analyse the digital footprints of companies – Growth Intelligence (led by CEO Tom Gatten) identifies fast growing companies for sales teams to target, while Digital Shadows (led by CEO Alastair Paterson) monitors companies’ social media presence to protect organisations against cyber attacks.

They both started their journeys at Innovation Warehouse in Farringdon, where the Digital Shadows team, fresh from working out of friends’ homes and Alastair’s kitchen, found themselves stationed next to Tom and a small, but growing, Growth Intelligence team.

The relationship developed as Tom, looking to hire, was able to tap into Digital Shadows’ network to grow the business.

Coincidentally again, both companies entered the inaugural Accenture FinTech Innovation Lab programme in 2012 hosted here at Level39 and were selected as 2 of the final 7 firms, from an initial roster of around 70.

Growth Intelligence, Digital Shadows and other participants of the programme soon took the decision to move to Canary Wharf to be one of the first members of Level39.

Both members soon secured capital, Digital Shadows raising a seed round with Passion Capital, giving them the funding to grow and take space at Level39’s High Growth Space:42. Shortly after, Growth Intelligence joined the cyber security firm in the High Growth Space, who in March this year raised $3.4 million from a combination of venture capitalists and angel investors.

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