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New Windows 10 build fixes more than 300 bugs

Just a day after Microsoft released a large Windows build (June 29), another one was presented, and with this one the company said it fixed more than 300 bugs.

“We’d been using 10158 for almost a week and knew it was going to be a strong build, and the data backed that up so we released it yesterday. Hot on its heels though was build 10159, which in addition to more fixes (over 300 of them!), took in one very interesting change,“ said Gabe Aul in a blog posted on the Microsoft website.

He also added that there might be a possibility of an error, in case you were actively downloading the penultimate build when 10159 was published. However, the error is easily handled:

“We’ll be publishing the build later this afternoon and it should be available everywhere by end of day. If you’re actively downloading 10158 when 10159 is published, you may get an error 0x80246017. If that happens, just reboot your PC, go back to Settings and check again and you should see 10159 offered to you.”

Build 10159 has released in the Windows Insider Fast ring.

Aul mentioned an “interesting change”, which according to Neowin, might be the updated Windows login screen which now supports the hero image for the OS. The cover image seen above will be the new hero image for the OS.

“The updated login screen now supports the hero image but does not update if you change your wallpaper; this adds a bit more polish to the OS and does make the login screen look a bit better,” Neowin writes in a report.