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Brits are kings of music download in Europe

Britain now holds the proud name of “music download capital of Europe”, after a survey had shown who downloads more music.

The average UK household now spending more than £100 a year on downloads, the study says.

Samsung, who questioned 18,000 Europeans, found 46 per cent of Britons stream either music, TV or video at least once a week, The Telegraph writes in a report.

The app is also seeing a rise in use on smartphones and tablets – from 23 per cent last year, to 54 per cent this year.

Samsung's European marketing chief Stephen Taylor said: "Today, our homes are the centre of our personal cultural universe. The exponential growth of digital media, more quality content and a greater number of devices holds so much possibility.

"The increased level of global connectivity means that we are currently experiencing a period of unprecedented changes. We are able to explore the world, educate ourselves and enrich our life-experiences, all from within our own homes."

Music streaming is becoming increasingly popular, with the likes of Apple Music, Rdio, Spotify, Tidal and many others. With Apple buying beats, and Spotify already having more than 20 million paying customers, this is shaping up to be another battle of the giants.

Educational content is also on the rise, the research suggests, with one in three UK residents paying for it. This is a 10 per cent jump compared to last year, with households now spending more per month on digital educational material than they do on mobile games, books and streaming music.