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New display might make Apple Watch 2 thinner

We didn't even get bored of our first Apple Watch, and the company is already thinking about the second generation device.

As the Korean news site Naver writes in a report, the company is already planning the Apple Watch 2, due sometime next year. It will be almost identical to the first watch in terms of hardware.

Some subtle changes are expected, though.

The device will keep its rectangular screen, and will come in the same sizes – 38mm and 42mm.

The resolutions will also stay intact, meaning the 38mm one will have a 340 x 272 resolution, while the 42mm one will have a 390 x 312.

LG will continue to provide AMOLED displays for the Apple Watch, including the second-gen versions though the company will not be the exclusive provider of Apple Watch 2 screens, a report by BGR says.

Samsung is apparently also going to manufacture Apple Watch 2 screens. It’s being rumoured that the device will use the flexible OLED display, which would make room for a (much needed) bigger battery, as well as make the device thinner.

It would also make the watch somewhat lighter, too.

The original Apple Watch, released in April this year, was one of the most anticipated gadgets of the year. It shook the very foundations of the watch industry, with many watch makers, as well as IT companies, jumping on the bandwagon. Today, we have the likes of Samsung, Asus, LG and Motorola also competing for the smartwatch market, together with classic watch makers like Tag Heuer or Swatch.