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Snapchat tweaks interface to put less stress on users' thumbs

Snapchat has made a major change to its interface which the service hopes will lead to less stress on the thumbs of its user base.

Instead of having to press and hold the display with your digit to view an image or story, the UI now allows you to tap to view. In other words, when viewing a lengthy story, you don't have to keep pressing on the screen, and hence will have a better rested thumb.

As well as this interface tweak, Snapchat has also tweaked Snapcodes to allow users to put a selfie in the middle to help friends recognise them when adding them on the service.

Speaking of adding friends, a new method has been introduced called Add Nearby, which does what it says on the tin – namely, it allows you to swiftly add people in your near vicinity when you (and they) open up the feature.

Those are some nifty little conveniences, although the tap to view functionality will probably take some getting used to for avid Snapchat users.

Snapchat also reminded users that it recently bolstered security with the introduction of two factor authentication – meaning if this feature is activated, and a login comes from a new device, the user has to enter a verification code sent to a registered mobile.