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Fancy a cheaper Galaxy S6 edge? Here's where you can get one

Vodafone has expanded its range of offerings when it comes to the Galaxy S6 edge, and the network is now selling the base version with 32GB storage – and that's cheaper, obviously enough, than the 64GB model which used to be where Vodafone's range started.

Cool smartphone spotted the availability of the S6 edge, which still starts with a tariff that will cost you £41 per month, but the upfront outlay is less at £99 (compared to £150 previously).

With that tariff you get 500 minutes and 500 MB of data, though whether halving your memory to make the upfront saving is worth it is certainly a debatable point…

For a little bit more, namely £44 per month, the upfront fee is reduced to £49, and you get 1000 minutes and 1GB of data.

Push that to £49 a month, and the upfront fee is reduced to £9, and you get unlimited minutes along with 2GB of data.

All of these plans offer 4G data which should provide very nippy surfing for those in a covered area, and unlimited texts, plus of course they are two-year tariffs as ever.

Vodafone offers the S6 edge in three colours – black, white, and gold – and the delivery time is listed as 2 to 4 working days.