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World’s smallest drone available for less than £25

Drones are a much talked about technological development, but they have yet to really take off with members of the public.

There are a whole host of factors holding them back, regulations being chief among them, but it seems size certainly isn’t going to be an issue. Particularly when drones are being made that can easily fit into the palm of your hand.

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The SKEYE Nano Drone claims to be the world’s smallest drone, measuring just 4 x 4 x 2.2 cm and weighing 11.9 grams. Despite its minuscule size, the device is still capable of precision airborne stunts due to its 6-axis flight control system and adjustable gyro sensitivity. It also comes with a 100mAh battery which takes 30 minutes to charge and offers approximately seven to eight minutes of uninterrupted flight time.

Due its small size, it’s not clear whether the SKEYE quadcopter would be subject to the same regulations as larger devices, particularly given that it's hardly likely to cause much damage should it crash into anything.

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The SKEYE Nano Drone is currently available from StackSocial for just $34 (£22.50) for a limited time only. Its usual price is $60 (£38.50). The popularity of drones is increasing all the time, something that has caused headaches for aviation officials, and being able to purchase portable models like the SKEYE Nano is only likely to this trend continue.

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