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20-year-old Brazilian Trojan maker revealed

What were you doing when you were 20 years old? I’m pretty certain you weren’t building hundreds of malware, each worth $300.

That’s because you’re not Filho de Hacker, AKA LordFenix, a 20-year-old Brazilian student who was just been uncovered as the mastermind of hundreds of malware attacking banks.

As security company Trend Micro writes in a report, it has traced back the source of a number of banking Trojans to the 20 year old.

“A 20-year-old college student whose underground username is Lordfenix has become one of Brazil’s top banking malware creators. Lordfenix developed his underground reputation by creating more than a hundred online banking Trojans, each valued at over US$300,” Trend Micro says.

“Lordfenix is the latest in a string of young and notorious solo cybercriminals we’re seeing today.”

"Lordfenix is a 20-year old Computer Science student from Tocantins, Brazil. We were able to trace his activity back to April 2013."

Apparently, he compromised his activities when he posted on a forum, asking for programming assistance for a Trojan he was supposedly creating.

The company has posted a photo from the hacker’s Facebook profile, showing a bed full of local currency. “Based on a photo he posted on Facebook dated September 2013, it appears he was successful in his work,” Trend Micro says.

The hacker was creating and selling banking Trojans, including TSPY_BANKER.NJH. This one is able to tell when an internet user enters the URL for a bank into their browser, and then loads a fake login window, and sends the information back to the hacker over email.