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Facebook might be planning another acquisition attempt on Twitter

Facebook might be planning another move to acquire Twitter, according to new reports.

A month prior to Dick Costolo’s resignation from Twitter, rumours started spreading of Facebook and Google’s intentions on buying the microblogging service.

It came to a melting point when Twitter brought in Goldman Sachs to block attempts at an acquisition. Google seemed like the prominent buyer on that occasion, but this time Facebook might be the most interested party.

It is odd that Facebook wants to acquire Twitter, considering Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the executive team were a bunch of people “who had driven a clown car into a gold mine and fell in.” He has also commented on the issues of Twitter’s leadership, claiming a founder should be installed to have more control over the board and investors.

That would mean if Facebook does attempt an acquisition, it would be different to Instagram, and WhatsApp, unless Zuckerberg builds a new management team from the executives at Twitter.

The acquisition would also be Facebook’s first for an application that is not receiving a huge surge in popularity. With Instagram and WhatsApp, the two apps were growing at a huge rate when Facebook stepped in—Twitter’s growth stagnated over a year ago.

Twitter’s current value is £22 billion, making it even more expensive than WhatsApp. Facebook might be able to lower the price with the rising issues at Twitter, including the lack of growth and profit, but it still looks to be Facebook’s largest acquisition if it goes through.

Twitter does not want to sell, but the state of the micro-blogging service may lead to a decision to merge with another company, or sell completely to one of the big four: Microsoft, Apple, Facebook or Google.

The microblogging service is currently hunting for a full time CEO, with names like Sundar Pichai, Sheryl Sandberg, Vic Gundotra and Anthony Noto all on the list. Interim CEO Jack Dorsey is also a potential candidate, although he claims he is devoted to his job at Square.

Source: Re/Code