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How to use Apple Pay with iZettle [Video]

In light of Apple's hotly anticipated news released at WWDC last month that Apple Pay will be coming to the UK this July (opens in new tab). It will be available through a dedicated update to the operating system and will be named iOS 8.1.4, and will be the last major update to the platfrom before the iOS 9 release that will be arriving this autumn.

The UK has embraced contactless payments at a much higher rate than its European counterparts, and Apple Pay will be launched with big brand names supporting the technology, alongside 250,000 other stores nationwide.

With the rise of contactless payments in the UK, even SMB owners and market stall traders are able take advantage of the technology. This is because of the technology being released by companies such as iZettle that allows your business to support Apple Pay and contactless payments through their card readers.

The Pro Contactless works with most smartphones and tablets and makes use of a Bluetooth connection to keep counter tops free from the jumble and mess of cables.

Recently we met up with Jens Munch, Chief Strategy Officer and Nina Fernstrom, Head of Partnerships and Operations in the UK for a demonstration of their new Apple Watch solution for iZettle.

iZettle are the first mPOS company in the world to offer contactless payment and Apple Pay solutions to merchants via their technology.

To find out more about the solution and to see how it works, click on the video above to watch Jens talk you through the innovative and world first solution.