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Nike's new VR advert puts you in Neymar's boots

Nike is going all out on virtual reality as a form of advertising, launching a new campaign specifically for Google Cardboard users on YouTube.

The advert puts you in the shoes of Neymar Jr, striker for Barcelona and Brazil, in the middle of a Brazil match. During the 90-second video, Neymar surges past the opposing defenders, and the viewer can move the camera 360-degrees.

Nike added a few easter eggs for people not looking at the ball. The video is a promotion for the new Hypervenom Phantom II trainers, Nike’s new line of premium sportswear.

Google Cardboard is available for under £20 and Google offers tips on how to do it yourself. It added YouTube functionality a few months ago, allowing video makers to show 360-degree video on the online platform.

This does show how advertising could use virtual reality and why Google and Facebook are so interested in the possibilities of the platform. Facebook especially would love advertisers to add new videos onto the Oculus Rift, coming later this year.

Nike seems to be more in tune with new technologies, quickly porting its Nike+ app to wearables and having its own line of fitness wearables. We wouldn't be surprised if this was just a first step into Nike's big VR campaigns coming in the near future.

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