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Seven gadgets to make Fourth of July unforgettable

Unlike some of us, who'll spend the Fourth of July in front of the TV screen, desperately screaming at Alvaro Morata as Juventus loses to Bayern Munich in FIFA 15 once again, the “normal” part of humanity will take the time to head out into the nature, kick back, light a barbecue and watch the fireworks.

But it’s 2015, we’re already 14 years into the new millennium and it would be plain wrong to completely shut off all modern-day devices. Here are some cool gadgets which will make your Independence Day an unforgettable experience.

Spinning Hat's Speaker Blanket


Why would you want to carry a blanked and a speaker, when you can grab a speaker blanket? This high-tech, comfy picnic accessory might not completely revolutionize our outdoor eating experience, as we’ve combined blankets and speakers before, but it sure is useful. And don’t worry about any rain, the blanket has a waterproof backing.

Gorilla Gadgets Uhuru! 2800mAh External Portable Battery Pack

Pentax Zoom Binoculars



Fireworks Locator

DIY Fireworks show

If you’re one of those do-it-yourself guys, then you’ve probably already set up your fireworks show. If that’s not the case, you should definitely check out the DIY Arduino Fireworks controllers, which let you “set it and forget it”. If you can’t afford fireworks, you can always go for the Coca Cola – Mentos combo.