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Vulnerable Apple facing the threat from 3 fatal malwares

A recent report from Business Insider says that researchers from the FireEye (opens in new tab) security firm claimed that the combination of these three malwares can allow the hackers to forcibly demolish, break and hijack the iPhones and iPads.

This is the first time that the Apple iOS has been under serious threat. But according to reports from FireEye, they mention that they had already warned Apple of these threats before publicising it.

The first malware is dubbed as the ‘Manifest Masque.’ It directly causes problems to people who use third party applications stores (this is why you shouldn’t do use them). The second malware is dubbed as the ‘Extension Masque.’ This malware infiltrates the device’s capability to protect the applications from malware. In other words, your device is not able to protect its applications from malwares.

If you didn’t already see the connection, both of these malwares complement each other in breaching the devices security. This can result in a serious threat to the user’s personal information such as GPS location, contacts, call logs, etc.

FireEye’s CTO EMEA, Greg Day says that this threat can potentially kill, replace or tamper with apps.

The third malware is dubbed as the ‘Plugin Masque.’ This malware can cripple your device’s ability to create a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which can result in all sorts of hacks, including the hacks from government agencies.

According to FireEye, any users who have not updated their iOS versions above 8.1.3 can be a potential victim to this major flaw.

Apple has not made any announcements at the time of writing.

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