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Apple Pay set to hit the UK on 14 July

We've been waiting a long time for Apple Pay (or at least some of us have) over here in the UK – after all, it's been live in the States since last autumn – but now we finally have a date for the launch, and the payment service is coming next week.

Note, however, that this isn't an official launch date from Apple, but rather a leak, albeit one from several sources. The Verge spotted a leaked document from a UK retailer which stated that the live date for Apple Pay was 14 July, next Tuesday.

This date was also backed up by 9 to 5 Mac citing various sources at multiple retailers and Apple employees, so it certainly sounds like this is a definite launch date.

The move means those who own an iPhone 6 or Apple Watch will be able to use their device to purchase goods at supporting retailers, although the leaked document states clearly that transactions will be limited to £20 maximum value (the current contactless payment limit).

Note that the payment limit is increasing to £30 later in 2015, and there was also some buzz that retailers would look to remove the current limit when Apple Pay launched – it doesn't sound like this will happen, though.

Next week, you’ll be able to use Apple Pay at some 250,000 payment terminals across the UK. Eight major banks support the payment system, with only Barclays not getting on board in terms of the big players.