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Exclusive: AnonCoders strikes again with Twitter attack

Hacking group AnonCoders has struck for a third time in the last few months, getting in contact with ITProPortal directly to announce an attack on the social network Twitter.

After previous attacks on a political party website (opens in new tab) and a mass breach of over 100 sites (opens in new tab) that we brought to you exclusively, the group has now claimed responsibility for hacking in to and leaking more than 23,000 Twitter accounts.

A list of the leaked accounts was accompanied by the message: "HACKED BY ANONCODERS TEAM - TWITTER GOT OWNED."

"WE ARE: Unknown Al (Albania attacker) - Black Worm - S@NT3T3 - Dr. T3rr0r - DarkShadow-TN - Dr. AFN[D]ENA - AnoaGhost," followed by a pro-Muslim message.

After reaching out to the group for more information, our contact said the reason for the attack was to spread the message that "No System Is Safe, Nothing Is Impossible And Have Fun In Your Cyber Space."

"We Have Seen Thousands Of People That Are Brainwashed By Their Goverment To Hate Islam And To Offend It. Most Of The Leaked Data Are Anti-Muslim People And Pro-Israel Ones."

He also described the attack as a "little gift" to America for 4 July and promised "Big Attacks Will Come That Will Shock The World."

This attack is just the latest development from AnonCoders after the group effectively declared "cyber war" (opens in new tab) against the Israeli Government in April, so stay tuned for more updates as and when they become available.

Sam is Head of Content at Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, and has more than six years' experience as a reporter and content writer, having held the positions of Production Editor, Staff Writer, and Senior Business Writer at ITProPortal.