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Mythical 'Nintendo Playstation' surfaces on Reddit

A long time ago (in the early 90s, to be precise), Sony and Nintendo were like brothers and were working together on a project called Super Nintendo Entertainment Systems, or Snes in short. This project would allow gamers to play CD games, and back then these were considered some of the best games, played only by serious gamers.

The Snes was never released and soon both Sony and Nintendo found themselves on opposing sides competing against each other.

20 years later, Dan Diebold, an American Reddit user posted pictures of one of the Snes prototypes.

As you can see, the console bears the name “Sony PlayStation” but it definitely looks like an Snes and has the Nintendo style controller.

It includes a CD unit with controls and there is a small digital screen on the console itself.

This prototype is considered as one of the many prototypes developed by the two companies during their collaboration.

After the fall out, Nintendo announced a tie-up with Philips and the new “CD-i” console. The games for the console were developed in house by Nintendo. with games that were developed by Nintendo. But it was a commercial flop. On the other hand, Sony announced the release of PlayStation.

As of now, PlayStation is in its fourth iteration. While Nintendo on the other hand is disappointed by its Wii U sales and is now working on a new console, named NX.

Image Credit: Dan Diebold