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Samsung the bearer of bad news for Galaxy S3 and Note 2 users

If you were one of those people who are using some of the most popular, but older Samsung smartphones in the UK, there is some sad news for you.

Samsung will not be releasing the updates for Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy S3. Yes, it’s true. Samsung won’t be updating the devices that catalysed the evolution of the smartphone era.

And it wasn’t until a frustrated/disgruntled Samsung user tweets the company about the lack of updates that Samsung revealed that there won’t be any updates to these two devices.

The user named Rohan, who tweeted Samsung asking about the updates, soon received a reply from Samsung’s UK twitter account.

We don’t like to give out bad news Rohan but the Note 2 and the Galaxy S3 won’t be receiving the Lollipop update.”

This is strange news as there is news that Samsung is set to release the Android Lollipop updates for both smartphones in Denmark and Poland.

We do understand that some devices might not be able to support the Lollipop update due to hardware limitations, but the fact that Denmark and Poland are receiving the update, it makes us wonder why the UK users can’t receive the update.

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