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Twitter's curated news service Project Lightning will be called Moments

Twitter’s curated news service, currently under the codenamed Project Lightning, will be called Moments when finally released. The name was revealed by Periscope CEO Kayvon Beykpour, in an interview with The Telegraph.

"I would say that Moments and ideas like that are just extensions and reinforcements to that vision," Beykpour said in the interview. "Twitter is the only tool in the world today that actually shows you the world live, other than Periscope, so I think it’s great that they’re working on things like Moments to improve that."

Twitter commented on Beykpour’s reveal, stating that the name is subject to change.

Moments is a good choice for a curated service focusing on live news, but the problem is Facebook recently released a new service for sharing photos privately with a few friends—named Moments.

Facebook might not have trademarked Moments, considering it is a popular name in the mobile and app business, but Twitter might find it hard to market its new feature if users are confused on the branding.

Twitter has been working on Moments for a few months, building an algorithm system to curate recent events into hashtags. Moments could serve as a massive advertising tool for Twitter, considering companies would love to get involved in recent events through sponsored content.

Now that Jack Dorsey is the interim CEO (opens in new tab), we are bound to see more focus on product. The past three years, we haven’t seen much change or new features, but Moments could change that. There is currently no release for the service, although Twitter has shown the new feature to BuzzFeed and a few other news orgs.

Source: Telegraph

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