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Want to know who deleted you on Facebook? Now you can

Ever wanted to know when one of your Facebook friends deletes you? Well now there’s an app that’ll tell you that and more.

Unsurprisingly named “Who Deleted Me on Facebook,” the app shows you which accounts have unfriended you, which have become deactivated and who is online.

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Users simply sign in with their Facebook details and can then receive notifications when they’re deleted. The app can be downloaded on Android and iOS and is also available as a Chrome browser extension.

Who Deleted Me was previously available as a Facebook extension, but this was discontinued over claims that the social network limited what the software could do. It works by saving your friend’s list when you first log-in, and then regularly compares it against your current list, enabling you to see which accounts have deleted you. This means that it won’t be able to tell you anything about accounts that have unfriended you prior to you using the app.

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The software is very similar to the Who Unfollowed Me app which enables you to track when Twitter users unfollow your account.

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