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Watch a pilot fly a drone straight into his own head

I've seen a boxer punch himself in the head during a fight, but I've never seen someone crash a drone into his own head – accidentally!

Luckily for us, YouTube user doctorsnaketown confirmed the old saying how there’s a “first time for everything,” including knocking yourself out with a drone and filming it at the same time.

He uploaded a video showing himself flying a ZMR250 mini racing quadcopter drone around his garden on a bright sunny day. At one point he turned the drone around and came flying, full speed, straight into the back of his head.

The ZMR250 is a racing sport drone for hobbyists that can be bought online as a DIY assembly kit, and it comes with a camera and a video transmitter promising "zero delay" in transmitting a live feed of the drone's camera to the drone operator.

Luckily, the small racing drone only weighs 554g, which is only a third of the weight of a conventional consumer model.

On YouTube, doctorsnaketown wrote: "A little slapstick lap where I boomerang max speed into my own noggin! Luckily, I did not hurt myself, other than a bump on the head. Be safer than me! I am going to revamp my pilot seating zone once my head feels better ;)"

As drones become increasingly popular, the effort to regulate their use is growing. The American Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is currently drafting a set of rules on how to use the unmanned vehicle in the States, including allowed speed, altitude and privacy.