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Why you really need to update Adobe Flash Player this time

Recently Adobe had released an emergency software patch for Flash after they found a serious vulnerability that was being exploited by hackers.

We all know that Flash is widely used all over the Internet to provide multimedia content.

The vulnerability that was being exploited by the hackers, could enable them to take complete control of a computer, and this can be done in all three of the most-used computer operating systems - Windows, Mac and Linux.

The hackers, or the cyber-criminals were using the two tool kits that can be used to deliver any kind of virus (malware, spyware, ransomware, etc.) to different host computers. Angler and Magnitude are those two tool kits. The hackers were using them to exploit the Flash Player vulnerability to destroy, or ruin your computer in any way they want to.

FireEye, a cyber-security firm recently reported that APT3, a Chinese hacking group has been targeting different organisations in the aerospace, defense, construction, engineering, high tech, telecommunications, etc. and sending them phishing emails with an intention to acquire sensitive user data.

They further said that these emails appeared to be generic in nature, and were almost appearing to be spam emails.

Adobe quickly took action and released security updates for Adobe Flash Player for Windows, Macintosh and Linux.

The Adobe Security Bulletin mentioned that all Adobe Flash Player Desktop Runtime users for Macintosh and Windows should immediately update to version

The Bulletin also mentioned that the Adobe Flash Player installed in browsers like Google Chrome and Internet Explorer will be automatically updated to the latest version. But users should still check and confirm to make sure that the updates does go through their own computer’s security.

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