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Facebook testing floating videos in desktop News Feed

Facebook is testing new ways to watch videos on the News Feed, including a pop-up video feature in the desktop. Similar to Tumblr or YouTube mobile, the video will pull out of its normal position, allowing the user to scroll while watching.

Adding video to the News Feed means users spend more time on the site per day, just watching a video instead of quickly scrolling. Facebook is making it easier to do both at the same time.

The pop out video will remain inside the Facebook page, meaning it will not open a new desktop window. Users will be able to like, share and reload the video from the pop out, but comments will not be available.

It looks like users will not be able to change the size of the video pop out, although this may come later in the testing. The current size of the pop out video is half the size of a normal desktop video.

Having pop out videos on the News Feed would be good for selling more advertising space and also keeping users engaged for longer. It also points to Facebook investing more time into video, as its viewer base continues to grow.

Facebook still has trouble with channels and filing videos into a simple place, but this should be fixed with a YouTube-style following service for video content.

Image Credit: Engadget

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