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Instagram adding higher quality photos for Android devices

Instagram recently updated its platform to support 1080 x 1080 square photos, a higher resolution than the previous 720 x 720 option. The next update coming to Android will be all about fixing the quality disparity between the two largest mobile platforms.

On iOS, Instagram photos tend to look a lot nicer compared to photos taken on Android, although that is not all on the fault of Instagram. Nevertheless, the company co-founder Mike Krieger confirmed that the next update will fix some of the image processing issues on Android.

It is a rather vague tweet from Krieger, but one that Android users are happy to see. Instagram has, for a long time, been focused primarily on iOS. Hopefully with the introduction of better image quality, we will see some real improvements.

Instagram continues to grow at a large rate with over 350 million active users, surpassing Twitter in 2014. Even though the mobile photo service still lacks strong advertising numbers, its parent company Facebook is playing it safe to keep user numbers growing.

With the adoption of short video a few months after Vine launched, we expect Instagram’s next step is live video, similar to Periscope. Facebook has been focusing all photo and video efforts into Instagram, although it did recently launch Moments, a private photo sharing service, on Facebook instead of Instagram.

The social network seems to be having trouble with where projects and ideas should go, considering a lot of the recent messaging updates have been to Facebook Messenger, not WhatsApp. This does give the subsidiaries more independence, but also makes them less connected to the Facebook brand.