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SMBs still not prepared for a serious data breach

Another piece of research has emerged showing just how unprepared small businesses are when it comes to defending against a data breach.

As we are all aware, the number of data breaches is increasing – and what's more, the number of SMBs being targeted is also on the up, because attackers believe their defences are more likely to be suspect (and these smaller organisations can be used as gateways to penetrate the defences of larger firms).

But even with that considered, a new study from CSID (which provides identity protection and antifraud services) found that more than half (52 per cent) of small businesses in the UK are not taking any preventative measures to protect themselves from cyber criminals.

A huge amount – 85 per cent – of SMBs also said they had no plans to increase their security budget despite the growing danger of being hit by a data breach.

When questioned about the ramifications of a data breach, most respondents – 53 per cent – were worried their reputation would be damaged.

The survey also found that 68 per cent of SMBs admitted they had no disaster recovery or business continuity plan in place to recover from a breach, and the same amount also said their IT service provider hadn't given them any information concerning data breaches (despite the fact that their IT supplier would be one of the first ports of call for a small business hit by a data breach).

CSID advised small businesses to create a plan to deal with a breach, and also to develop security policies more fully, and ensure the workforce is educated on the importance of good security practice.

Darren Allan

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