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Solus lets you log in by taking a selfie

What if you could log on to your most secure services through a selfie?

Solus, a biometrics security solutions specialist based in Europe and Asia, has launched its two-factor authentication (2FA) which uses just that - a simple selfie to login to any apps and web services.

“Remove additional costly hardware, improve accuracy and the reduce cost of maintaining support and user access, and you might just have a viable two-factor biometric authentication,” the company says in a press release.

Solus uses Eyeprint ID technology and scrambled PinPad to give secure 2FA to any enterprise, with any web services or mobile apps fully integrated and single sign-on within hours.

The main difference between Solus and other 2FA systems is that Solus utilises the HD camera in a person’s existing smartphone so a company doesn’t need to distribute, support and replace additional hardware.

Set up takes less than a minute and sign-in takes one or two seconds.

Solus can be installed on Android and iOS devices and works by taking a print of the blood vessels on the eye. The vessels or veins don’t change with age, and can provide effective login and usage in all lighting conditions and even through glasses and contact lenses.

It works simply like taking a selfie – “something we’ve all become used to in the last three years”, the company says.

Solus biometric solutions are on sale now and a free “sign up and log in” experience is available from the company’s website for anyone to try for themselves.

Single Sign On is available for companies using Active Directories and LDAP solutions and integration literally takes Solus just a few hours.

Additional 2FA elements are available too, including device tying and geo-location services.