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Sony Mobile Head vows he will not sell off mobile business

Hiroki Totoki, Sony’s Mobile head says that despite their doom early this year, they will never sell or exit from their mobile business. There is some reasoning to that claim considering the fact that we are now entering into the mobile era, but Totoki’s claim needs more than just words to inspire people and increase the confidence.

Totoki, who has held his post for just over six months has asked that the company be given some time and to look to 2016 for a major turnaround. 2015 is the year of transition, and all the management, operations, and financial changes are now starting to take effect.

While in the midst of transition, came the speculation that the company should sell their mobile and TV business just as they sold off their VAIO PC business.

But with Totoki’s claims, we know that they will not be selling their mobile business, however he has not made any claims for the TV part. He says that smartphones are now becoming an integral part of our lives, and it is only going to increase in the future. It is because of this that their mobile business isn’t something that they should sell off without digging its own grave.

He emphasised the fact that the best way to differentiate a great smartphone from a good smartphone, is through user experience. Hardware is relatively easy as Chinese manufacturers, once looked down upon for their below par components are getting it right. And if hardware is mostly the same across all devices, then it will be the user experience that will ultimately be the deciding factor.

Unfortunately for Sony, their user experience isn’t the most memorable one, besides some of their value-added services, thanks to their digital content empire. At the end of the day, Sony Mobile has a long and challenging road ahead.