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Sony planning to add fingerprint sensor to Xperia Z5

Every time Sony announces a new Xperia device, the rumour mill churns out a report on the next model of the Xperia device with some massive upgrade on the hardware side.

It has happened again, this time Technodify claims the Xperia Z5 will ship with a fingerprint sensor. Sony is also planning to upgrade the internals, adding a Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM and a 4500mAh battery inside.

Disregarding the fact these rumours crop up almost every time a Sony device launches, these specs do fit with other rumoured devices coming in the second half of 2015. Qualcomm appears to be readying up the next generation of mobiles to run the Snapdragon 820, following the massive commercial failure of the Snapdragon 810.

Fingerprint sensors have become more common in the past year, with Samsung, Apple and HTC all dabbling in the market. LG is reportedly planning to add an iris scanner on the G Pro 3, a big step up in terms of security.

The OnePlus 2 is another device coming with a fingerprint sensor, and the team over in China claim the OnePlus sensor will be faster and more accurate than Apple’s Touch ID. The report did not state what sensor Sony would be using for its own fingerprint sensor.

Sony is also planning on launching the Xperia Z5 Compact and Plus, to fill out the range of devices coming with the Z5. No word on when these will be available, but it looks like Sony is sticking to the six months launch cycle.

Recently, Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai claimed the company would never leave the mobile market, despite rumours that it was planning to sell the mobile division. This newfound confidence might spur on Sony to make big changes on the Xperia Z5.

Source: Technodify

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