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Is the Apple Watch starting to crash and burn?

Apple Watch sales have pretty much fallen off a cliff, following the massive interest in the device upon its initial launch – at least according to some new figures from Slice Intelligence.

According to Slice, whose statistics were spotted by MarketWatch, Apple sold around 200,000 smartwatches every day during the launch week back in April over in the US. Now, however, sales have dropped to less than 20,000 units per day, and less than 10,000 on some days.

Slice also says that on the profit front, the majority of devices sold – in fact two thirds of them – are the cheapest model of the Apple Watch (the Sport version).

Of course, this is just data from the American market, and the UK or global picture could be different. It’s also just one source of data based on electronic receipts emailed to purchasers, but the fact that Apple isn’t making any official numbers known doesn’t really help its case.

Folks are always going to cry flop over an Apple product if Cupertino isn’t putting hard evidence of sales under their noses.

Slice also recently presented a snapshot of the fitness tracker market, with the lion's share still taken by Fitbit, which is top of the tree with 68 per cent of the market.

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