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Whitepaper: Making the right flash memory storage array buying decision

Another seismic shift in data center infrastructures is underway. Much like the transition from physical to virtual that has occurred over the past decade, a similar transformation from HDD-based storage arrays to all-flash arrays is about to commence.

The big difference between the transition from physical to virtual machines and the forthcoming shift from HDD-based to all-flash arrays is that organisations will rarely have the luxury of first trial hosting their 2nd and 3rd tier applications on all-flash storage arrays. The performance and cost associated with these all-flash storage arrays immediately positions them for use with high performance, mission critical applications.

This makes upcoming storage array buying decisions even more critical than normal. Do organisations “play it safe” and stick with proven, HDD-based arrays? Or do they look to put in place a new, all-flash storage array that best positions them for the future?

To find out how you can make the right decision when buying flash memory storage array for your business, download the whitepaper below.

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