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Apple Music will feature audio quality settings in iOS 9

Apple Music might be one of the better music streaming services, but that doesn’t mean it is without problems. One of the big issues currently in changing audio quality depending on Internet connection, something users aren’t able to do on iOS 8.1.4.

The current version of Apple Music sets Wi-Fi users on the fastest speed (256kbps AAC), provided their Internet is faster than 4G LTE. On certain mobile connections, it will drop below that quality, with no way to turn it higher.

Thankfully, Apple will put the controls back in user’s hands in iOS 9, with the third beta showing audio quality controls on Apple Music. This means users that want the best quality will be able to turn it on, although that will mean a short wait as the song loads.

Apple is not planning any pauses or breaks once the song starts, meaning it plans to cache most of the song on Apple Music before playing it for no interruptions. Album listeners might find the experience rather jarring, having to wait a few seconds for each song to load.

Tidal users will know all too well how a slow connection can block the stream, especially high definition subscribers. Instead of the standard 256kbps AAC, Tidal streams at 1.4mbps lossless, making each song a hefty weight for slow connections.

Most users don’t seem to care a lot about music quality, as seen by the progressive trend from vinyl to digital streaming. Having the controls there do matter to a lot of users however, especially those that would prefer a stable stream at the expense of some of the quality.

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