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"I'm coming for you": Ex-Sony exec sends angry tweets to Lizard Squad member

A member of Lizard Squad, a hacking group responsible for many attacks, including the Christmas DDoSing of the PlayStation Network, was convicted this week.

Julius “zeekill” Kivimaki, the member in question, was convicted for over 50,000 charges of cybercrimes, but he didn’t get any jail time. Instead, the 17-year-old got a two-year suspended sentence.

He was accused of playing an integral role in the DDoS attack on the PlayStation Network, Microsoft’s Xbox Live, as well as a number of charges of data breaches, felony payment fraud and telecommunication harassments.

Such turn of events angered Daybreak CEO and former Sony executive, John Smedley, who expressed his rage in a series of tweets. He said, among other things, that the teenager’s parents should be held responsible for his actions, and that he’s “coming for him”.

“That was the piece of garbage that brought my plane down, leaked my information and did all kinds of other crap to me,” he said in one tweet, before stressing that Zeekill wasn’t convicted of DDoSing PSN over Christmas.

“His parents need to be held accountable for his actions in addition to his going to jail. @what_security - So I'm coming for you Julius,” Smedley said.

Lizard Squad has previously been blamed for high-profile attacks on Facebook, Tinder, Amazon and the Malaysia Airlines website, IBTimes wrote in a report. The group also claimed responsibility for knocking the whole of North Korea offline for a 24-hour period in 2013.

Lizard Squad attacks gaming servers frequently, including League of Legends and Destiny.