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Google Chromecast finally gets Ethernet Adapter

Google has released an Ethernet Adapter for its popular Chromecast dongle, hopefully solving any connection issues that users may have faced.

Chromecast was released in 2013 and provides an affordable way of sharing content between your smartphone or tablet and your television set.

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The device uses built in Wi-Fi to connect to the web, but for users with a less than satisfactory wireless connection this can lead to some annoying streaming issues. In keeping with Chromecast’s budget vibe (the HDMI dongle costs just £30), the Ethernet Adaptor will set you back $15 in the US. There is currently no word on whether it will be made available from the UK version of the Play Store.

“This optional accessory lets you connect your Chromecast directly to your router to create a fast and reliable connection for your Chromecast,” reads the US product listing.

Perhaps Google is providing a more robust wired connection, because Chromecast is no longer simply a home entertainment device. It has also proved useful in a business environment by allowing Google Slides documents to be shown on TV screens.

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Since launching two years ago, Chromecast has proven hugely successful. Google confirmed that approximately 10 million Chromecasts were sold in 2014 worldwide, and so far more than 20,000 compatible apps have been developed.

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