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New iPhone will have Force Touch built in, plus new colours

The next iPhone, likely to be named the iPhone 6s or the iPhone 7 due out this autumn – which is already in early production, by all accounts – will have a display featuring Force Touch technology, at least if the gathering momentum of the mobile rumour mill is anything to go by.

We've heard this rumour several times already, and now the Wall Street Journal (via the Independent) cites sources saying the same thing. The WSJ also noted that Apple expects this tasty hardware addition to help shift a lot more units of the iPhone 6S.

Force Touch technology, as seen on the Apple Watch, allows for the strength of the user's press to be gauged, so a light press and a heavier touch of the screen can register different functions in the UI.

It's crucial for a small screen like Apple's smartwatch has, but still useful on a phone where display real estate is still at a premium.

The WSJ report also states that Apple is mulling over new colours for its flagship handset, planning to expand from the usual silver, gold, and space grey schemes.

The next gen iPhones’ screen sizes will remain the same (4.7in and 5.5in), the sources say, and that’s not surprising – Apple only just changed the dimensions last year, and as a rule likes to keep screen sizes constant as much as possible.

Other iPhone 6S rumours suggest the base level of storage will be shifted to 32GB – whether or not the base price will be notched up as well, we shall see. Better battery performance is also expected given more efficient components, and there is apparently going to be more room for a larger capacity power pack. Fingers crossed for that, as it’s certainly one thing most users are always prioritising.

Darren Allan

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