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Video is a way to keep up to date, youngsters say

Almost two thirds of British youngsters are sharing original video content with friends, the latest survey reveals. The survey also exposes big generational changes and uncovers new motivations for watching.

Video app developer Ludifi’s survey (opens in new tab) asked people how they use, choose and share original digital video.

Results show 71 per cent of respondents under the age of 25 watch original digital video every day, more than twice the number of over 25s. Main reason for the youngsters was entertainment, with 95 per cent of under 25s saying that was their primary motivation. But 68 per cent also said they choose content which matches their mood.

Interestingly, 68 per cent of young people describe such content as an easier, fun way of keeping up to date. The survey found 78 per cent of under 25s see watching original digital video as a highly social activity, choosing to discuss video with friends. Add to that the fact 63 per cent of under 25s are sharing video with mates and a further 39 per cent are commenting on video and it’s clear times are changing.

For under 25s, social networks are the most popular source of video recommendations (73 per cent), followed closely by video networks themselves (69.5 per cent). Word of mouth is still an important source of video discovery for young people (46 per cent), while their least frequent way of hearing about new content is by text (1.7 per cent) and email (0 per cent).

As a whole, social connections are the main source of recommendations for young viewers; 83 per cent of under 25s discover new content using social networks, word of mouth, instant messaging services or SMS.

When it comes to video preference, trust in familiar video creators is the most important consideration for young people, with 69.5 per cent of under 25s press play if ‘someone I like or admire made the video,’ more than twice the rate of response to the same question from over 25s (31.5 per cent). Fifty-nine per cent of under 25s watch because they follow the video’s creator.

A friend’s recommendation is still a strong motive to view as ever: 61 per cent of under 25s are drawn to videos if a friend loves, hates or expresses another strong reaction to it (versus 40 per cent of all respondents).

Mobile video viewing (47 per cent) is now nearly as popular as desktop viewing (49 per cent), and 58 per cent of under 25s watch original digital video most frequently on tablets and smartphones, contrasting to 43 per cent of over 25s.


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