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Watford Council declares free public wi-fi for everyone

Watford Borough Council has announced it is rolling out a new free public wi-fi network in a bid to enrich the city for residents, businesses and visitors alike.

The wireless network will be provided by intechnologyWiFi, which claims it will offer residents and visitors to Watford seamless, ‘always on’ connectivity at no cost with no time or bandwidth limitations.

The firm also says it will support the area as it makes the transition to becoming a smart town and enable residents to benefit from the growing Internet of Things (IoT) industry.

“The town centre in Watford is one of our key regeneration sites and the introduction of wi-fi will not only help our residents and visitors get online – it will support business by increasing dwell time in the town centre,” said managing director of the Council Manny Lewis.

“I know from speaking with local residents that this is something they want and it has long been an ambition of mine for Watford, so I am delighted that things are happening,” added Elected Mayor of Watford Dorothy Thornhill.

New smartphone app to increase engagement

intechnologyWiFi is also going to be providing Watford Council with a smartphone app which will not only act as a ‘go to’ resource on the town for residents and visitors, but has the potential to help promote local businesses and deliver services through digital platforms.

The firm and the local authority hope that the app will better align Watford with its economic, social and community objectives.

The wi-fi provider claims that the app has the potential to enhance community engagement, joining people more closely and help them to build stronger relationships in the area.

The app is also set to take visitor engagement beyond the boundaries of the wi-fi networks and promote Watford’s event and services further afield.

“Equipping Watford’s residents, visitors and businesses alike with the latest wi-fi technology – completely free – is a decisive step in transforming the town into a digital leader,” claimed intechnologyWiFi CEO Natalie Duffield.

“The accompanying smartphone app could, in time, potentially enable users to access services, report problems or engage with the community online,” she added.