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You can now use Pinterest to log into other sites

Pinterest has announced websites will be able to use its developer kit to have custom sign-in, similar to Facebook, Twitter and Google’s sign-in services. Users will also be able to share photos easier on Pinterest, with additional integration with websites.

IFTTT and Polyvore are the first to sign-up to use Pinterest’s new developer tools. We expect other fashion and retail services will be quick to follow suit, considering the vast female audience on Pinterest.


Instagram and Etsy will allow users to share photos straight onto Pinterest, making it easier for photographers and designers to share photos on multiple services in one go.

The integration is only on the web and iOS for the moment, although integration on Android should be coming soon. Of course, Android users that use Pinterest’s mobile site will be able to integrate as of today with IFTTT and Polyvore.

It is a smart alternative for those that don’t frequently use Facebook, Twitter or Google, and would like another alternative. LinkedIn has also been trying to promote its own service as a way to log-in to sites, but only business focused sites have added LinkedIn integration.

Pinterest is also investing in new ways to make more money, since it doesn’t offer regular banner ads like Google and Facebook. One way it intends to make money is through a “Buy” pin, allowing users to buy recipe ingredients, clothes and other pinned items.

This could make Pinterest a storefront and social network focused on photos.

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