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Apple adds new keyboard change to iOS 9 after years of fans pleading

When Apple announced third-party keyboard support on iOS 8, keyboard makers like SwiftKey, Swype and Fleksy received a ton of dissatisfied stock keyboard customers.

The problem with Apple’s own keyboard wasn’t the functionality, it was the fact Apple keeps a capital layout off-caps. This was a major headache for iOS users, because they had to check before typing whether the keyboard was set to caps lock or not.


Thankfully, on iOS 9, Apple has changed the keyboard layout depending on whether the user has caps lock on or off. This small change might bring quite a few people back around to the default keyboard, considering it was one of the biggest pleas in iOS 7 and 8.

Apple didn’t mention this at WWDC 2015, probably for all the criticism it would get for taking so long. Google made this available way before, and offered third-party keyboards way before Apple has well, leading to the argument Android was better for texting than iOS.

Improved dictation and suggestions are both coming to iOS 9 as well, allowing users to speak to text and find suggestions for the next word instead of typing. Along with Apple’s venture into video and audio messages, we should see a lot of new things coming to the keyboard this year.

The main chunk of iOS 9 is on new apps, like News, Wallet and Apple Maps public transit. These focus points, alongside the optimisation of the entire system, should lead to iOS users have more to do on the iPhone and more space to do it.